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Adam Schalock
Adam Schalock

I am a provider of innovative ideas that solve complex problems with the resources available. I like to make little changes that drive or make big impacts.

DevOps 6 Min Read

Begin Your Trip to Observability by Packing Your Baggage With Context

OpenTelemetry context with baggage can help you quickly find value, errors and maybe your luggage.
DevOps 3 Min Read

Unlock the Power of Observability with OpenTelemetry Logs Data Model

If you're building a new application or enhancing an existing one, consider adopting the OpenTelemetry Logs Data Model's Log and Event Record Definition.
Partners 5 Min Read

Splunk Edge Hub: Physical Data, Sensing and Monitoring on the Edge

Splunk Edge Hub expands the boundaries of metrics and logs from the datacenter to the physical edge of the network and beyond.
DevOps 4 Min Read

OpenTelemetry, Auto-Instrumentation and Splunk Observability Cloud: A Jump Start

Discover how to build or deploy an application or microservices with auto-instrumentation of OpenTelemetry – possibly in less time than it takes for delivery.