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Floris Ladan
Floris Ladan

Floris is a Staff Security Strategistspecializing in Security with the firm belief that anything worth doing is worth Splunking.

Security 2 Min Read

Who's the Boss? EMEA Boss Of The SOC DAY 2023

Boss of the SOC (BOTS) is Splunk’s blue-team capture the flag-esque competition in which defenders use Splunk’s suite of security products to find APT threats, discover attacks and figure out what happened to our favorite virtual organization “Frothly Brewing Co.”
Security 3 Min Read

Unknown and unseen, the cyberwar between Crimsonia and Berylia

First week of December, unbeknown to many the island of Berylia engaged in cyberwarfare with their neighbors Crimsonia after a number of months of heightened tensions. The goal of the Berylian attackers was to disable as many critical infrastructure components of the Crimsonian Ministry of Defense in order to prevent the Crimsonian Navy from sailing. This would give the Berylian fleet the time to aid and protect critical locations and assets.