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Muhammad Raza

Muhammad Raza is a technology writer who specializes in cybersecurity, software development and machine learning and AI.  

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Introduction to Virtualized Security

Virtualized security is the term for how to secure your virtualized, VM-based IT environments. Get the full story here.
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Software-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Defined

Learn how software oriented architecture works, including its key features and characteristics. We’ll also look at how to solve common SOA limitations.
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Asset & Application Discovery: How It Works

Protecting and securing your IT assets starts with knowing what IT assets you have. Learn how IT asset discovery works here.
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Intelligent Applications Explained

Intelligent Applications are a Top 10 Strategic Tech Trend from Gartner. Learn how an app can become intelligent — and what that means for business.
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Network Traffic & Network Congestion: The Complete Guide

Network traffic is critical for businesses today. Read on to learn how network traffic works, and how to stop traffic congestion.
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Secure By Design: What Makes Software SbD

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, new cyber threats continue to emerge. It’s imperative to have safeguards in place early on in the product development process. That’s where Secure by Design comes in.
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Information Retrieval & Intelligence: How It Works for AI

A long-standing activity in information systems, information retrieval (IR) is totally changing the game for AI. Get the full story here.
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Continual Learning in AI: How It Works & Why AI Needs It

Learning is easy for humans, and a lot more difficult for artificial intelligence. Learn all about the concept of continual learning here.
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Adversarial Machine Learning & Attacks on AIs

AI and ML are very useful tools, except when we realize just how vulnerable to attack they are. Learn all about adversarial attacks on ML and AI here.
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LLMs vs. SLMs: The Differences in Large & Small Language Models

Today’s language models are powering ChatGPT and other popular AIs. Learn the differences between LLMs and SLMs in this detailed article.
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Threat Modeling: The Ultimate Guide

Get started with threat modeling today. We’ll define threat modeling, discuss how it works, and share simple and advanced threat modeling frameworks.
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What Is Hacktivism?

Hacktivism — hacking with the purpose of activism — is on the rise globally. Get the full story on what it means and how it differs from real social activism here.
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Security Testing for Mobile Applications in 2024

The security of mobile apps is a critical point in your security posture. Get the full story on why and HOW to test the security of your mobile apps.
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What Is Data Architecture?

Data architecture determines how you can use your data. Read on to learn how to choose data storage, data pipeline and data management strategies.
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Secure AI System Development

CISA & NCSC have issued joint guidelines for developing secure AI systems. Let's understand these guidelines, so we can mitigate risk in AI development.
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Endpoints and Endpoint Detection: Importance & Risk Mapping

Endpoints sound like an afterthought...not like the most important part of your cybersecurity posture. Learn what endpoints are, and why detecting them is so important.
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Network Latency & How To Improve Latency

Latency is the delay that happens in computer networking. It's not easy to control, but there are ways to improve it. Get the full story here.
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Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Explained

Cyber-physical systems, CPS: the applications of cyber physical systems are almost boundless. Get the full story here.