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Paul Pelletier
Paul Pelletier

Paul Pelletier is the Director of Security Field Solutions at Splunk. He's a seasoned InfoSec veteran with over 20 years of industry experience and lots of alphabet soup behind his name. Paul has worked everywhere from a hometown Bank to some of the largest consulting firms in the world while building successful Security Operation teams across the globe for Fortune 100, 50, 5 companies. He even ran his own MSSP for a while but decided it was more fun being a security practitioner. Mr. Pelletier is most passionate about helping Splunk’s customers build the best Security Operations Center using Splunk as their Security Analytics platform.

Security 4 Min Read

Detect Money Laundering, Healthcare Fraud, and Unemployment Fraud with the New Version of the Splunk App for Fraud Analytics

Detect money laundering, healthcare fraud, and unemployment fraud with Splunk App Fraud Analytics 1.2.4.
Security 8 Min Read

Compliance Essentials for Splunk 2.1.0

Announcing the latest on Compliance Essentials for Splunk, an essential part of your toolkit to help your organization maintain and monitor your compliance status and cyber resiliency with various frameworks.