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Lucid Search Bar Implementation
Push Down Banner V1 Analytics Patch, remove after implementing V2 (S9 or S10)
Global nav V2 patch, remove after adding the mobile languages fix in the codebase (S7 or S8)
Adam Morgan
Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is the Senior Director of Brand and Creative at Splunk and is an Executive Brand and Creative Leader with experience in creativity, strategy, and storytelling for 26 years. In 2020, AdWeek named him one of the “Creative 100”—the top inspiring creative minds in marketing, media, and culture in the world.

Security 5 Min Read

Add to Chrome? - Part 2: How We Did Our Research

SURGe explores the analysis pipeline in more detail and digs into the two main phases of this research – how the team collected the data and how they analyzed it.
Learn 5 Min Read

Google Cloud Next 2024: Complete Guide

This blog post will cover the complete details around Google Cloud Next 2024, the upcoming conference in Las Vegas.
Security 5 Min Read

Are You Forensic Ready?

In the landscape of everyday operations, the concept of forensic readiness may often linger unnoticed in the background.
Security 11 Min Read

Hunting M365 Invaders: Navigating the Shadows of Midnight Blizzard

The Splunk Threat Research Team outlines the attack chain detailed in the Microsoft blog, offering practical detection and hunting tips for cybersecurity defenders.
Tips & Tricks 1 Min Read

New Year, New Ideas, and New Self-Help Articles

Customers at any stage of their organizational resilience journey can benefit from the action-oriented, self-help content available free on Splunk Lantern.
Security 3 Min Read

Supercharge Cybersecurity Investigations with Splunk and Graphistry: A Powerful Combination for Interactive Graph Exploration

In this blog post, we'll dive deeper into how combining Splunk and Graphistry can help you unlock new capabilities for your cybersecurity investigations and gain better resilience for your organization.
DevOps 7 Min Read

Custom Metrics and their importance in Observability

Leveraging custom metrics and having complete control into how all metrics are collected and are sent into your O11y platform, is key to managing the complex modern platforms of today (and those of tomorrow!). Read more on the blog.
Industries 6 Min Read

Short Staffed? Try Using SOAR to Augment Your Security Team

Splunk's Frank Myers looks at two industries affected by short staffing – higher education and state and local governments – and explains how Splunk SOAR can help.
Learn 5 Min Read

ISO 27002: Information Security Controls Explained

In this article, we will look at the origin story of the ISO 27002 standard, as well as its structure, and how to apply the guidelines.