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shared header v2
Lucid Search Bar Implementation
Push Down Banner V1 Analytics Patch, remove after implementing V2 (S9 or S10)
Global nav V2 patch, remove after adding the mobile languages fix in the codebase (S7 or S8)
Shanika Wickramasinghe

Shanika Wickramasinghe is a software engineer by profession and a graduate in Information Technology. Her specialties are Web and Mobile Development. Shanika considers writing the best medium to learn and share her knowledge. She is passionate about everything she does, loves to travel and enjoys nature whenever she takes a break from her busy work schedule. She also writes for her Medium blog sometimes. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

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Software Liability Explained

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Observability Engineering: A Beginner's Guide

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What is the Augmented Connected Workforce?

This article provides an overview of the Augmented Connected Workforce, detailing the use cases of AR and other key technologies, along with the key benefits and challenges associated with this concept.