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Ewald Munz

Ewald Munz is a Manufacturing Expert with 20+ years of industrial markets experience focusing on Industry 4.0, Engineering and Technical/Maintenance Services. At Splunk, Ewald helps to grow the Manufacturing vertical in EMEA with solutions in IT & OT Security, IoT, Cloud and more recently Sustainability. He lives with his family in Stuttgart, Germany.

Industries 4 Min Read

Building the NextGen Factory with Splunk and Bosch Rexroth

For centuries there have been many wise sayings on how to deal with disruptions and prevail amidst uncertain circumstances. Read on to learn how Splunk and Bosch Rexroth are building the next-generation factory to help manufacturers elevate their resilience and take advantage of new market trends and operating models.
Industries 8 Min Read

Splunk Sustainability Toolkit V2 - Doubling Down on IT Sustainability and Beyond

What are the three key lessons learned from Sustainability Leaders? And why is IT Sustainability a low-hanging fruit? How to leverage the new V2 version of the Splunk Sustainability Toolkit? Find out more here.
Industries 4 Min Read

Splunk Becomes a TISAX Participant

With increasing focus on implementing security standards within the digital supply chain, national and industry-specific certifications have become increasingly important. Today, we are excited to announce that Splunk Services Germany GmbH has become a TISAX participant.
Leadership 5 Min Read

Manufacturing Predictions - the highlights for 2023

We take a look at two trends, two actions and a honest take on a manufacturing hype. Let's dive in to manufacturing predictions for 2023.
Partners 6 Min Read

Sustainability in a World of Data: Key Developments, Use Cases and Roundtables

In this blog you'll learn more about key developments, the Sustainability Use Cases Tree and opportunities to meet in person with sustainability leaders and peers at the upcoming Sustainability Roundtables in Zurich and Munich.
Industries 10 Min Read

Building Resilience in Manufacturing with the Power of Data

Resilience has become the new strategic imperative for manufacturers during these testing times. As the world’s challenges make headlines, so do the innovative responses of manufacturing leaders.