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James Brodsky

Long Island->NOVA->Upstate->Global Crossing->CA->IBM->Resolve->Tripwire->Splunk

Partners 2 Min Read

Using Splunk to Enhance Enterprise Security Capabilities of Google Chrome

We're excited to announce that Chrome has partnered with Splunk on a new Google Chrome Add-on for Splunk and Google Chrome App for Splunk that make data ingestion, investigation and response to Chrome security events coming from Chrome Reporting Connectors easier than ever.
Security 3 Min Read

Play Now with BOTS Partner Experiences: Okta

Introducing our third BOTS Partner Experience with Identity-as-a-Service provider Okta!
Tips & Tricks 6 Min Read

Aw, HEC! Splunking Okta's Event Hooks with the HTTP Event Collector

Former Splunker and soon-to-be Okta employee James Brodsky tells you how to get Okta's Event Hook data into Splunk in 428 easy steps!
Security 2 Min Read

SOARing to the Clouds with Splunk SOAR

Now available as part of Splunk Cloud, Splunk SOAR further delivers on our promise to modernize security operations – read on to learn more.
Security 8 Min Read

The DarkSide of the Ransomware Pipeline

Learn about the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and how you can start detecting and remediating DarkSide's activities and attack using Splunk.
Platform 5 Min Read

Remote Work Insights: Behold! I Am Now the CTO of My Household

How to modify a Splunk Technical Add-On to be CIM compliant for use with the RWI Executive Dashboards app.