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Marquis Montgomery
Marquis Montgomery

Marquis works on the Security Products team at Splunk where he helps plan and develop the next generation of information security analytics solutions as Product Manager for Enterprise Security and related security products. Prior to that, Marquis worked on the Security Professional Services team at Splunk where he assisted clients to ensure successful projects involving advanced deployment, SOC development, and security program review for Enterprise Security use cases.

Security 3 Min Read

Splunk Enterprise Security 7.3 Delivers a Refined Analyst Experience and Enhanced Risk Context for Seamless Incident Triage

Announcing Splunk Enterprise Security 7.3, delivering a refined analyst experience and enhanced risk context for seamless incident triage.
Security 5 Min Read

Detect Faster, Rapidly Scope an Incident, and Streamline Security Workflows with Splunk Enterprise Security 7.1

Splunk Enterprise Security 7.1 offers new capabilities to help security teams detect suspicious behavior in real-time, quickly discover the scope of an incident to respond accurately, and improve security workflow efficiencies using embedded frameworks.
Security 3 Min Read

Refined User Experience, New Executive Visibility, and Enhanced Cloud Monitoring with Splunk Enterprise Security 7.0

Check out the latest Security Analytics enhancements to Splunk Enterprise Security with our latest 7.0 release.
Security 4 Min Read

Solving User Monitoring Use Cases With Splunk Enterprise Security

We all know Splunk’s data platform is capable of delivering incredible analytics and insights at scale, but how do we tie that power with all of the security content and premium solutions for security that Splunk provides? I thought it would be a good idea to jot some thoughts down about some common high level security use cases becauseI get asked this question so much.
Security 3 Min Read

What's New with Splunk Enterprise Security 6.6?

Learn about the latest and greatest features of Splunk Enterprise Security 6.6.