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Todd DeCapua
Todd DeCapua

Todd DeCapua is a passionate software executive, technology evangelist and business leader with extensive hands-on expertise.

Throughout his career, he has held various leadership and strategic roles in organizations like: Splunk, JPMorgan Chase & Co., CSC, Hewlett Packard, Shunra Software,, Vivit Worldwide, Apposite Technologies, TEDx Wilmington, ING Direct, Andersen Consulting, and more.

He is also an author and contributor, well known speaker / evangelist, and co-author of the O’Reilly published book titled, “Effective Performance Engineering” and “Blockchain for the Enterprise” and now completing a book on ‘Data’ with Manning Publications.

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ServiceNow Is Available in Splunk Enterprise!

The new Splunk Content Pack for ServiceNow brings in key data such as: events, change requests, incidents, and business applications from all of your ServiceNow instances into Splunk, and makes it all easily visible and available, so that you can make informed business decisions.
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We're Making Observability Available in Splunk Enterprise!

We're excited to announce that the Content Pack for Splunk Observability Cloud is here!