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11 min read
Together, Cisco and Splunk can unlock many more opportunities to help securely connect everything all while building a safer and more resilient digital world.

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Leadership 5 Min Read

Update on Cisco and Splunk Observability, Better Together

Tom Casey explains how customers win with Cisco's unmatched network visibility and Splunk's top-tier log analytics and cloud observability.
Leadership 2 Min Read

The Dollars and Sense of Data Strategy: Managing Data, Agility and Value

Tom Casey explains the way Splunk is revolutionizing how organizations get unified visibility and insights from their data.
Leadership 6 Min Read

A New Day for Data: Cisco and Splunk

Splunk is now officially part of Cisco, bringing the full power of the network together with market-leading security and observability solutions.
Leadership 3 Min Read

A More Resilient Digital World, Through the Power of Us

At Splunk, we lean into the power of us – all the things that make us who we are, working together in an environment that supports and trusts.
Leadership 2 Min Read

Reflections from Davos 2024

The World Economic Forum 2024 gathered under the theme of ‘Rebuilding Trust’. A theme of particular relevance for Splunk’s attendance this year is the emergence of genAI and the associated cybersecurity impact it will have. Splunk’s Petra Jenner shares her key takeaways from the event.
Leadership 4 Min Read

Navigating the Intersection of Cyber Threats, AI-Powered Challenges, and Digital Resilience to Safeguard Critical National Infrastructure

In today's interconnected world, the protection of critical national infrastructure has become more crucial than ever – here's how organisations can enhance their ability to withstand and recover.
Leadership 4 Min Read

2024 Predictions: AI Innovation Meets Digital Resilience

Splunk’s 2024 Predictions features three editions – Executive, Security and Observability – sharing insights and strategies for the era of AI.
Leadership 2 Min Read

How can Europe’s Public Sector become more digitally resilient?

Challenges of a pandemic, conflict and various economic shocks have forced us all to adapt very quickly. Updating our understanding of what digital resilience is, is a critical priority to ensure that the security, reliability and certainty of service delivery is to be preserved.
Leadership 3 Min Read

Career Resilience and Splunk: Insights from the 2023 Splunk Career Impact Survey

Splunker Eric Fusilero shares the findings and insights from the 2023 Splunk Career Impact Survey.