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Gordon Morrison

I've tallied up 25+ years experience in the UK public sector and spent the early part of my career as an engineer and scientist in the Ministry of Defence, but subsequently worked in technical and senior management roles in the UK tech industry, mainly on National Security, Cyber and Defence programmes. 

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What is Splunk? – A Summary for UK Public Sector

What is Splunk and why does the public sector need Splunk? Find our more in this summary for UK public sector
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A Zero Trust Security Approach for Government: Increasing Security but also Improving IT Decision Making

Public sector organisations are in the middle of a massive digital transformation. This transformation also opens new avenues for cyberthreats and expands the attack surface. The traditional approach is to collect data at the rapidly eroding perimeter, subsequently ignoring users as they continue into the network. Zero-trust architectures require government departments to continuously monitor, detect, evaluate, and enforce policy as users move about the network.
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Sharing a Vision for Data-Driven Government - a New Splunk Whitepaper

The amount of data that UK government will generate will increase significantly over the next few years, but it will present it with an opportunity to understand its citizens better and improve service and policy delivery. To do this the UK Government should consider taking a data-driven approach, by using data in new ways and overcoming some of the inherent blockers to using data more effectively.
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UK Public Sector Predictions for 2021: Part 2

In this blog, Senior Director, EMEA Government Affairs Gordon Morrison takes a closer look at Splunk's five key technology predictions for the UK public sector.
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UK Public Sector Predictions for 2021: Part 1

What are the issues that will guide senior leaders in Government this year as they continue their transformative journey towards digitalisation, remote work, cloud migration and a data-driven approach to public services? Find our more in this blog.
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How Joined-Up Thinking Turns Data Into Innovation

This week Raconteur hosted a virtual roundtable to discuss the government data opportunity. Senior Director, EMEA Government Affairs Gordon Morrison highlights the key-takeaways of the discussion in this blog.