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Sophie Mills
Sophie Mills

Sophie Mills is the Director of Global Education Ecosystem Strategy and Development at Splunk. In her role as a Learning and Development executive, Sophie is responsible for the Splunk Authorized Learning Partner (ALP) program designed to expand the global reach of Splunk's education ecosystem. She is passionate about leading change using innovative education solutions to ensure successful business needs and key priorities are met - investing in people to build impact and develop growth. The Splunk ALP team works to scale training to make Splunk Education accessible to customers, partners, and anyone who wants to grow their career through Splunk proficiency. Sophie has over 20 years of strategic leadership experience in education and enablement – working for corporations including NetApp and Microsoft.

Empowering the Global Workforce: The Splunk Authorized Learning Partner Program

Splunker Sophie Mills shares a closer look at the Splunk Authorized Learning Partner (ALP) Program, which is committed to scaling and expanding the education and adoption of Splunk to customers, partners, and Splunkers by building a community of certified Splunk learning partners.