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Tatsu Murata
Tatsu Murata

Tatsu has experience in the IT industry since 1988 starting as a COBOL programmer for mainframe computers. After that, he worked as a support, PS, and pre-sales engineer for Sybase, Excite@Home, RiverSoft, Interwoven, Dell, SupportSoft, CA, Webroot, Citrix, and SOASTA before he joined Splunk. Those provided Tatsu the opportunities to learn deeply about RDBMS, Networks, Hardware, APM, Security, and 4G/5G Mobile Communication, which is helping him truly understand the requirements of Splunk use cases.

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Introducing New Deep Learning NLP Assistants for DSDL

The Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning (DSDL) now has two new assistant features for Natural Language Processing. DSDL has been offering basic natural language processing (NLP) capabilities using the spaCy library.