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Philipp Drieger

Philipp Drieger works as a Principal Machine Learning Architect at Splunk. He accompanies Splunk customers and partners across various industries in their digital journeys, helping to achieve advanced analytics use cases in cybersecurity, IT operations, IoT and business analytics. Before joining Splunk, Philipp worked as freelance software developer and consultant focussing on high performance 3D graphics and visual computing technologies. In research, he has published papers on text mining and semantic network analysis.

Security 3 Min Read

Supercharge Cybersecurity Investigations with Splunk and Graphistry: A Powerful Combination for Interactive Graph Exploration

In this blog post, we'll dive deeper into how combining Splunk and Graphistry can help you unlock new capabilities for your cybersecurity investigations and gain better resilience for your organization.
Industries 2 Min Read

Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning - What’s New in Version 5.1.1

In this article, we'll dive into what's new in the recently released Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning (DSDL) version 5.1.1 available on Splunkbase now.
Platform 4 Min Read

Introducing the Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning 5.0

Exciting news: The Deep Learning Toolkit App for Splunk (DLTK) will be renamed the Splunk App for Data Science and Deep Learning (DSDL). It’s slightly lengthy, but a better-suited name because the app is useful for both deep learning and data science operations.
Tips & Tricks 3 Min Read

Forecasting at Scale: How to Process Millions of Time Series using Prophet and DASK

How do you scale out a specific forecasting use case for millions of entities? Splunker Philipp Drieger gives you the low down and shows you how it's done with the help of DASK and Prophet.
Industries 3 Min Read

Online Learning: a Novel Approach to Applying Machine Learning in Splunk

In this blog, we’ll review how you can organize your machine learning model in a new way: online learning.
Platform 3 Min Read

Deep Learning Toolkit 3.7 and 3.8 - What’s New?

We are excited to share the latest advances around the Deep Learning Toolkit App for Splunk (DLTK). These include custom certificates, integration with Splunk Observability and a container operations dashboard, just to name a few.