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Julien Veron Vialard
Julien Veron Vialard

Julien Veron Vialard is an Applied Scientist at Splunk where he has been working on Machine Learning with Graphs and Natural Language Processing problems. He received in June 2021 his M.S. in Computational and Mathematical Engineering from Stanford University, where his research focused on biostatistics and convolutional neural nets for medical imaging. Prior to Stanford, Julien interned in quantitative trading firms.

Building an 'AI Assistant' for Splunk

Thanks to early adoption and continuous product improvement, we were able to improve the SPL Copilot for Splunk to provide a much richer and guided experience to Splunk and SPL and renamed it 'Splunk AI Assistant.'
IT 15 Min Read

Training a 'Copilot' for Splunk SPL and Increasing Model Throughput by 5x With NVIDIA Morpheus

Get a closer look into our research collaboration with the team at NVIDIA Morpheus – an open application framework for cybersecurity providers – as we set out to build our own 'Copilot' for Splunk SPL.