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Felix Jiang
Felix Jiang

Felix is a Senior Product Manager for Splunk Enterprise with a focus on creating seamless and efficient user experiences for deployment administration. He's passionate about building new capabilities from the ground-up, and working closely with customers. In his free time Felix enjoys golf, frolf (look it up!) and the occasional Japanese whiskey.

Platform 4 Min Read

Enhancements To Ingest Actions Improve Usability and Expand Searchability Wherever Your Data Lives

Along with the respective Splunk Enterprise version 9.1.0 and Splunk Cloud Version 9.0.2305 releases, Ingest Actions has launched a new set of features and capabilities that improve its usability and expand on configurability of data routed by Ingest Actions to S3.
Platform 3 Min Read

Splunking Your *.conf Files: How to Track Configuration Changes Like a Boss

Learn how to track configuration file changes in the Splunk Enterprise Spring 2022 BETA.