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Morgan McLean
Morgan McLean

Morgan McLean is a director of product management at Splunk focused on the Splunk Observability Cloud, along with Splunk’s contributions to OpenTelemetry and the agent and ingestion unification between Splunk Observability Cloud and Splunk Enterprise. Additionally, he is the co-founder of OpenCensus and OpenTelemetry, now the second largest CNCF project behind only Kubernetes. Prior to Splunk, Morgan spent five years as a product manager at Google Cloud Platform working on DevOps and observability initiatives, along with over three years at Microsoft as a program manager designing and implementing e-commerce services. Morgan has a BASc in Engineering Physics and a BA in Economics from the University of British Columbia.

DevOps 4 Min Read

Announcing OpenTelemetry Metrics are Now Available as Release Candidates

OpenTelemetry’s metrics capabilities are now available as release candidates! This means that the specification, APIs, SDKs, and other components that author, capture, process, and otherwise interact with metrics now have the full set of OpenTelemetry metrics functionality and are ready for use.
DevOps 3 Min Read

Enabling the Self Driving Cloud with Splunk Observability Cloud and GKE Autopilot

Announcing Splunk's Observability Cloud and OpenTelemetry upcoming support for GKE Autopilot
DevOps 4 Min Read

Announcing the Donation of the OpenTelemetry eBPF Collector

At Splunk, we’re strongly committed to making the OpenTelemetry project a powerful and complete framework for collecting, generating and exporting observability data. This is why we’re excited to announce the donation of an eBPF-based network telemetry data source, formerly called the Flowmill eBPF Collector, to the OpenTelemetry project.