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Simon Davies
Simon Davies

Simon Davies is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Splunk in APAC, responsible for the full portfolio of Splunk solutions. Mr. Davies manages sales, presales, business development, partners and go-to-market product strategies for the region, including ANZ, ASEAN, India, Greater China and Japan.

An experienced leader in building, selling, and implementing IT solutions in Asia Pacific, Mr. Davies served previously as Asia Pacific and Japan Vice President of Business Applications at Microsoft. Before that, he held various senior leadership positions at, Oracle and Citibank.

Mr. Davies holds two degrees from the University of Melbourne in Commerce and Computer Science. He served as a Board Member of the Asia Internet Coalition, and he is an advisor for pre-IPO technology companies in Singapore and San Francisco.

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Understanding the Priorities of Data Behind Tomorrow’s Business Opportunities

Many CXOs believe that Web3 will power the next paradigm shift and transform the world, but there's more to its success than meets the eye.
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The World Today: Aggregating Data Will Be Key to Advancing Digital Transformation

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Asia Pacific Firms Need Analytics to Survive the Cloud Era

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Onwards and Upwards: Emerging Stronger Amidst Uncertainties

Splunk's Vice President of APAC, Simon Davies, dives into Splunk's FY21 Q4 business results and what this means for Splunk's APAC investments. The ability to obtain business service insights has resonated with APAC businesses, as they see the value of data and how it can be turned into actionable steps that drive better business outcomes. This is an area Splunk is well-known for, and one we will put greater focus on to help our customers turn data into doing.
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React, Adapt, Evolve: Using Data to Navigate the 3 Phases of a Crisis

When the coronavirus pandemic hit Asia-Pacific back in January, no one knew what to expect. While navigating the shifting landscape has been a unique journey for all organizations, a few things have proven to be consistent: we must react, adapt and evolve.