Christopher Russell

Christopher Russell

Christopher is the Senior Marketing Manager for Splunk Ventures and President of BEAMs. He partners with Splunk’s portfolio companies to bring their innovations and impact to life, and builds excellence within Splunk’s Black employees network through first-run programs and high-impact initiatives. Previous to Splunk, Christopher worked in various Bay Area start-ups as product manager, technical project manager, and UX researcher. A burgeoning art collector, he loves the challenge of actualizing the biggest and wildest ideas. Christopher is based in Los Angeles.

Official Title:

Senior Marketing Manager, Splunk Ventures

What You Really Do:

Utilize the thesaurus myriad instances each day

First Day at Splunk:

...everyone was at .conf2016, so I onboarded myself in an empty office.

Favorite Quote:

"The dose makes the poison."

– Paracelsus

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