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Christopher Russell
Christopher Russell

Christopher is the Senior Marketing Manager for Splunk Ventures and President of BEAMs. He partners with Splunk’s portfolio companies to bring their innovations and impact to life, and builds excellence within Splunk’s Black employees network through first-run programs and high-impact initiatives. Previous to Splunk, Christopher worked in various Bay Area start-ups as product manager, technical project manager, and UX researcher. A burgeoning art collector, he loves the challenge of actualizing the biggest and wildest ideas. Christopher is based in Los Angeles.

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Meet – They’re Upskilling the Workforce to Solve the Labor-Skills Gap

Get a closer look at Splunk Ventures portfolio company,, who uses untapped data to solve the labor-skills gap.
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The Hills We Climb: Splunk’s BEAMs ERG Honors Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, Splunk’s Black Employees and Mentors (BEAMs) employee resource group explored the theme "The Hills We Climb," diving into the known and unforeseen obstacles the Black community faces on the hills of injustice, and highlighting how reaching the peaks represents the actualization of hard-fought progress.
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The Power of Essentialness

Celebrating Black History Month through the lens of an essential people.
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Dropping a Memorable Black History Month at Splunk

Hear how Splunkers celebrated Black History Month this year, with the theme of Black Enterprise: Redefining the Black Professional Experience.
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Splunk’s Diversity & Inclusion Report: My Life in the 3%

Splunker Christopher Russell, Product Marketing Manager and BEAMs@ERG member, talks about D&I and his own Million Data Points

How Cox Automotive is Sparking Joy with Splunk Cloud

Discover how Cox Automotive seamlessly deployed Splunk Cloud to help speed up the digital transformation of their business