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Malcolm Moore
Malcolm Moore

Former systems administrator and data center manager who changed careers and now writes about what he used to do. Very systems-minded and learning the deeper intricacies of security with regards to the Splunk platform. Developed and contributed to several of the manuals in the Splunk Documentation set. In his spare time, he runs a record label, flies around the world to DJ at parties, and takes his purple bus conversion to weird, far out places, mainly beaches.

Tips & Tricks 1 Min Read

Get Your Role On with the Splunk Platform

In this episode of our 'Security of the Platform' blog series, we tour recent interface updates made to role management, search indexes, and indexed fields on Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud.
Platform 2 Min Read

When It Comes to Security of the Platform, We Mean Business. Here's How.

Learn the latest on the security of the Splunk platform, the features we have delivered and how we work to keep it secure both now and for the future.