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Ania Kacewicz
Ania Kacewicz

Ania Kacewicz, a data scientist on Splunk's Machine Learning for Security team, holds a BS from UT Austin and an MS/PhD from Cornell University, all in ECE with a focus on applied math. With over 10 years of experience in cybersecurity, including roles at JHU APL and DARPA, she specializes in distributed, machine learning-based algorithms for detecting suspicious behaviors in cyber data. Outside work, she enjoys hiking, running, concerts, and keeping updated on new machine learning trends.

Security 5 Min Read

Building At-Scale User Behavior Analytics for Splunk UBA: Enhance Performance of Account & Device Exfiltration Models

Splunkers Ania Kacewicz, Cui Lin and Che-Lun Tsao discuss how the scalability performance of Account and Device Exfiltration models can be achieved in UBA V5.4.0.