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Atef Kouki
Atef Kouki

After a rewarding 4-year experience as a professional services consultant, Atef worked for 2 years as a pre-sales consultant based in France. Atef recently joined the Platform Field Solutions Engineering team for a new challenge. Intrigued by Big Data, driven by Design Thinking, and fueled by his passion for creating and tackling new challenges, Atef has fully immersed himself in every project he has undertaken throughout his professional career. The Splunk experience remains by far the most enriching, stimulating, and, above all, exciting!

Tips & Tricks 5 Min Read

Scale Your Splunk Cloud Operations With The Splunk Content Manager App

To address the absence of a solution that simplifies the administration of Splunk instances and aligns with Splunk's ultimate goal of focusing on generating value from data, we created the App Content Manager for Splunk.
Tips & Tricks 4 Min Read

Introducing Slides for Splunk> : Using Splunk as a Powerful Presentation Tool

Design powerful, visually polished, presentation-ready, and interactive dashboards and use Slides for Splunk> to group them into data-ready presentations. Present insights and business realtime data directly from Splunk>. Read all about the new app here.
Tips & Tricks 2 Min Read

Administer Your Splunk Cloud Stacks Easily and Efficiently with ACS Helper for Splunk

Administer your Splunk Cloud instances more easily with ACS Helper for Splunk. This free app is now available on Splunkbase.
Platform 3 Min Read

Splunk at the Service of Medical Staff

Given the current circumstances and the pressure medical staff and hospitals are facing in general, access to information is now more critical than ever. Optimising the process of medical exams and enabling alerts and notifications in real-time has become essential.