Andreas Buis

Andreas Buis is a member of the DACH Sales Engineering team, focused on IT Security with an emphasis on orchestration, automation and response. Starting his career as a developer for internet portals, Andreas has gone through various stations as support (Tier- 2/3), administrator (Windows & Linux) and project manager. He has worked as a systems engineer for various companies since 2012, successfully supporting projects in Germany and abroad. His unconventional handling of the demands in life as in IT is one of his secrets to success. In doing so, he always succeeds in balancing customer requirements with technical conditions. Andreas makes it his highest priority to convey things so that they are understood by all. If he is not busy with processes and python, you can find him in the evenings and at night with his camera as a street photographer — one of his many side hobbies.

Official Title:

Senior Sales Engineer

What You Really Do:

Orchestrate, automate and respond to my life's needs


Street photography, hiking, nature and traveling

Favorite Quote:

"Give every day a chance to become the most beautiful of your life."

— Mark Twain

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January 31, 2020