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Joe Ross
Joe Ross
Joe is a data scientist at SignalFx. Previously Joe worked at other startups and in academia as a professor and researcher in mathematics.
DevOps 5 Min Read

A Deep Dive into Splunk APM Alerts

Learn about some of the statistical underpinnings of Splunk APM Alerts, and how to use them.
DevOps 5 Min Read

A Deep Dive Into Built-In Anomaly Detection: How the Algorithm Works

Discover how Built-in Alert Conditions and Alert Preview in Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring allow cloud operations to exploit the full power of our real-time analytics engine in a way that is both intuitive and flexible.
DevOps 6 Min Read

Predicting Resource Exhaustion with Double Exponential Smoothing

Discover how double exponential smoothing in Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring can help address a fundamental challenge in monitoring and operating cloud-native architecture: capacity planning.
DevOps 9 Min Read

Refining Real-Time Alerts with Compound Conditions

This post will explain one of our latest efforts to improve SignalFx alerts: the addition of compound conditions to the SignalFx detector creation UI.
DevOps 5 Min Read

Incremental-Decremental Methods for Time Series Analysis

This is an extended abstract of a research-track talk given by Joe at the Open Data Science Conference, East 2018 on the double exponential smoothing algorithm.
DevOps 5 Min Read

Analytics in Action: Finding the Right Signal to Alert On

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