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Kayly Lange

Kayly Lange is a freelance writer. As a tech and SaaS specialist, she enjoys helping companies achieve greater reach and success through informative articles. When she’s not writing, she enjoys being out in nature, cooking, and reading a wide range of novels. You can connect with Kayly on LinkedIn.

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What Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an annual initiative observed every October. Get the full details for October 2024.
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Continuous Compliance: Today’s Ultimate Guide

Companies must comply with a variety of industry and government standards and laws. Continuous compliance is the best way to ensure you’re ready and prepared.
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Continuous Testing: The Ultimate Guide

Continuous testing is an important aspect of software development and, yes, even cybersecurity. Get the full picture and an 8-step process here.
Learn 9 Min Read

Cloud Strategies: How To Build a Cloud Strategy for Success

Going to the cloud is a no-brainer for many teams and organizations. Still, there’s a smart way to do it: with a cloud strategy. Get the full story here.
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What is Data Center Security?

Get started with data center security (on-premises and cloud), including what it encompasses, how to secure data centers and important standards to consider.
Learn 6 Min Read

Cloud Costs: Cloud Cost Management Strategies

Managing cloud costs isn’t easy. But it can be a lot simpler if you follow these expert tips and tools. Get the full story here.
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Call Center Optimization: The Complete Guide

Call centers are the #1 place to satisfy your customers. Are your call centers doing enough? Learn how to make your call centers, and your agents, the best.
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IT & Technology Salaries in 2024: Tech Pay Trends

This blog post will review, roundup, and summarize some of the latest trends for IT salaries and roles to help you get a clear view of the landscape.
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Continuous Data: The Complete Guide

Continuous data enables higher accuracy from predictions, deeper insights, and more informed decisions. Learn how to maximize value from continuous data.
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The Dunning-Kruger Effect Explained

The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a natural bias where a person with minimal knowledge or skill may overvalue their capabilities. Learn all about this effect here.
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ISACs: Information Sharing & Analysis Centers

ISACs provide a way for organizations to collaborate on threat intelligence, so they can form better cybersecurity offensive & defensive strategies.
Learn 5 Min Read

Detection Engineering Explained

The digital watchtower for organizations, detection engineering! DE responds to known threats and continuously scans the horizon for the slightest hint of a potential breach.
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What is Application Performance Monitoring?

Understand and harness the power of APM: application performance monitoring can help with all sorts of IT & business problems. Get the full story here.
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Application & IT Modernization: A Brief Introduction

Application modernization: a big term for updating the way our apps work, regularly. Let’s look at why you should modernize and the trends to prep for.
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The Common Information Model (CIM) Defined

CIM is a standard approach to represent & describe diverse system components. Read on to learn all about CIM, core concepts, and the benefits it brings to organizations.
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Application Security Requirements: Trends and Best Practices

Explore the essential aspects of application security: threats, requirements, and best practices. Learn how to safeguard your applications and data effectively.
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API Security Threats & How To Protect Against Them

Explore the evolving landscape of API threats and their impact on compliance and risk management. Learn critical best practices to secure your APIs.
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OWASP Explained: Today’s OWASP Top 10

Get up to speed on the OWASP Top 10. Understand the biggest web application risks, vulnerabilities, and how to protect against cyberattacks.
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Pipeline Efficiency: Best Practices for Optimizing your Data Pipeline

Discover the importance of efficient data pipelines in driving business analytics, benefits, types, components, and key strategies to optimize them.
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The 3 Rs of Enterprise Security: Rotate, Repave, Repair

Protect your enterprise from evolving cyber threats with the 3Rs of security: Rotate, Repave, and Repair. Stay ahead of attackers and secure your organization.
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Edge Computing Types You Need To Know

Edge computing is rapidly growing in many global sectors. Learn the variety of types — and the best one for your needs — in this article.