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Paul Davies

Paul is an Architect in EMEA, responsible for working closely with Splunk customers and partners to help them deliver solutions relating to ingesting data or running Splunk in the cloud. Previously, Paul worked at Cisco as a BDM for big data solutions, an Enterprise Architect at Oracle, and Consultant at Hitachi.

Tips & Tricks 5 Min Read

Exploring the Value of your Google Cloud Logs and Metrics

With our ability to ingest GCP logs and metrics into Splunk and Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring, there’s never been a better time to start driving value out of your GCP data. There’s now a pre-built set of dashboards available in a Splunkbase App: GCP Application Template for Splunk.
Tips & Tricks 4 Min Read

AWS Firehose to Splunk - Two Easy Ways to Recover Those Failed Events

Kinesis Firehose is Splunk’s preferred option when collecting logs at scale from AWS Cloudwatch Logs but what about when things go wrong? This blog describes two simple options of re-ingesting these logs using Lambda functions.
Tips & Tricks 2 Min Read

Making the Collection of Centralised S3 Logs into Splunk easy with Lambda and SQS

If you got multiple AWS data sources in the same S3 bucket but struggle with efficient SNS notifications based on prefix wildcards, this article has got you covered.
Platform 4 Min Read

Google Cloud Platform Serverless Ingestion into Splunk

Collect data from GCP by using Splunk’s Google Cloud Platform Add-On. More about the benefits and the how-to of using a serverless push to Splunk option here.
Tips & Tricks 3 Min Read

How to Ingest Any Log from AWS Cloudwatch Logs via Firehose

Top tips on ingesting logs from Cloudwatch, regardless of the format!
Tips & Tricks 4 Min Read

Running Splunk in Amazon’s Elastic Container Service

A step-by-step guide on running Splunk in Amazon's Elastic Container Service