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Prakash Srinivasan
Prakash Srinivasan

Prakash is part of the Data Platform Product Management team leading the efforts on End User Experiences, Search & Reporting, Adoption and ODBC. As an Engineer turned Product Manager, he is passionate about delivering easy-to-use and delightful products that make customers’ lives easier. Prakash has extensive experience in Enterprise SaaS, Data Analytics, Digital & Connected experiences, Consumer, and e-Commerce product domains.

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Accelerate Productivity With Updates in Your Platform UI Home Page

A run-through of the experiences added to the redesigned home page in the most recent versions of Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Enterprise.
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Your Splunk Platform UI Home Page Had a Makeover

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Bringing You Context-Driven, In-Product Guidance

Splunk is providing in-product guidance right at your fingertips to help you accomplish your goals without navigating away from the product. Learn more in this blog post.