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Kelby Shelton
Kelby Shelton

Kelby Shelton has worked as an Incident Responder for most of his career, having done alert triage, threat analysis, and incident reporting for both large and small companies. During this time he has built-out detections, created SOC response plans, and leveraged automation to respond quickly to emerging threats. He now guides companies worldwide on how to use Splunk products effectively throughout the Security lifecycle.

Security 5 Min Read

How Playbook Packs Drive Scalable Automation

See how pre-built Playbook Packs from Splunk can help augment your security analysts with automation that scales with your organization’s maturity.
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Super Speed with Phantom Slash Commands

Splunker Olivia Courtney shares a walkthrough of what you can do with the power of Phantom Slash Commands to investigate Splunk Phantom events.