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shared header v2
Lucid Search Bar Implementation
Push Down Banner V1 Analytics Patch, remove after implementing V2 (S9 or S10)
Global nav V2 patch, remove after adding the mobile languages fix in the codebase (S7 or S8)
Om Rajyaguru
Om Rajyaguru

Om Rajyaguru is an Applied Scientist at Splunk working primarily on time series clustering problems, along with methods to fine-tune and evaluate large language models for code generation tasks. He received his B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics in June 2022, where his research focused on multimodal learning and low-rank approximation methods for deep neural networks.

IT 7 Min Read

ML-Powered Assistance for Adaptive Thresholding in ITSI

ML-Assisted Thresholding provides recommendations for time policies, algorithms, and thresholds for Splunk ITSI adaptive thresholding.