Case Study

Hostworks Gains Real-Time Insights Into Web and Operational Intelligence

Executive Summary

As a market leader in solutions for the online and digital media industry in Australia, Hostworks specializes in the provision of online, rich media and digital media managed services, including high bandwidth website content delivery services, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting and managed IT services. Hostworks needed a way to gather better metrics and analytics across its web properties to optimize content delivery and increase user engagement. Since deploying Splunk Enterprise, Hostworks has seen benefits including:

  • Real-time insights into web properties
  • Optimized content delivery
  • Increased user engagement
    • Providing client base with real-time business intelligence and performance metrics
    • Need for unified solution for gathering metrics and analytics
    • Optimizing content delivery and increasing user engagement
    • Lacking single-pane-of-glass visibility into hosted sites
Business Impact
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction
    • Full visibility into website performance
    • Deep insights into site metrics and business opportunities for revenue growth
    • Improved operational efficiencies thanks to unified solution
Data Sources
    • Web and application logs
    • Network probes
    • Traffic management systems
    • Database
    • API integration
    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
    • Web page content
    • External content source

Why Splunk

Hostworks delivers services and solutions via multiple datacenters across Australia to broadcasters, radio stations and corporate media organizations, and provides online services to the most prominent online brands within Australia. Customer segments include federal and state government, finance, retail, manufacturing and service sector organizations. Hostworks initially began to use Splunk Enterprise to index and analyze its content delivery network and web payloads. Once the company realized the full capabilities of the Splunk platform, it began to examine hosted services by audience type and content type, including traffic and audio/video streams by geography and devices.

Giving clients full visibility into performance and user behavior

Hostworks was looking for new ways to view its hosted sites in total and individually to observe patterns and business opportunities along with the ability to capture granular details around specific audience segments. The company wanted to share insights from these segments with its clients—to give them real-time digital intelligence and better visibility into their website performance and a deeper understanding of their audiences' and customers' online behavior.

In addition to using Splunk Enterprise to analyze audience type and content type, Hostworks began to measure capability and volume by show and genre.  The Splunk platform is also used to index Twitter feeds and social media mentions and stream them in real time to clients’ television broadcast shows to increase audience engagement.

From these insights, web analysts at Hostworks began examining and correlating real-time patterns of various audience segments. They were able to share these extensive and actionable insights with their clients in the form of an advanced Hostworks solution that leverages Splunk software’s powerful real-time visualizations and historical trends and charts.

“Splunk is a major component of our analytics product that provides customers with real-time digital intelligence and online user metrics.”

General Manager of Technology, Strategy and Innovation, Hostworks

Meeting clients’ needs for site speed and availability

Hostworks’ clients depend heavily on site availability and speed. These needs were met by using Splunk software to monitor content for errors in real time and resolve any issues across the formerly siloed enterprise and technology stacks. Through real-time monitoring of server response times, Hostworks has been able to meet its clients’ needs and improve the overall customer experience.