Case Study

Edenred Singapore Bridges Gap Between Technology and Business With Proactive Operations Monitoring

Executive Summary

The world leader in prepaid corporate services, Edenred designs solutions for managing employee benefits and expense management processes, as well as incentive and rewards programs. With a siloed infrastructure spanning 11 countries, Edenred Singapore needed a real-time, proactive systems monitoring solution that could give the company full operational visibility into data across multiple platforms. Since deploying Splunk Enterprise, Edenred has seen benefits including:

  • End-to-end visibility into business processes
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Enhanced employee productivity
    • Siloed infrastructure with no visibility into applications and processes
    • Cumbersome manual processes for data analysis
    • Reactive systems monitoring 
Business Impact
    • Ÿ   Seamless operations across 11 countries due to real-time, proactive system monitoring
    • Ÿ   Higher operational excellence achieved by end-to-end visibility into business processes
    • Ÿ   Enhanced labor productivity by cutting hours of manual operations for infrastructure monitoring
    • Ÿ   Heightened team morale due to simplified troubleshooting of more than 120 applications
    • Ÿ   Optimized customer experience with instant spotting and rectification of online transaction errors
Data Sources
    • Ÿ   MS IIS Server, SQL Server and .NET
    • Ÿ   Network devices on Netflow, Nagios and Cacti
    • Ÿ   F5 Load Balancer
    • Ÿ   MS System Center Operations Manager

Why Splunk

As a regional hub, Edenred Singapore runs a datacenter to manage the technology infrastructure, network security and private clouds for 11 countries across mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, UAE, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia—dealing with data generated across different platforms from more than 120 applications. Due to the siloed nature of the company’s infrastructure, Edenred found application monitoring to be challenging. Since the various applications are owned and operated by individual product teams, whenever an application suffered issues, troubleshooting had to be done manually. It would take two to three staff members many hours to compile a simple analysis report, even if it was a basic task like tracing reward point redemption.

Not only was this manual approach time-consuming, it was also extremely reactive. Integrating data from various systems for better analysis and historical trending of application performance was also laborious and ineffective. Edenred needed a solution that could turn silos of data into actionable insights, correlate events across all layers of the datacenter infrastructure and consolidate everything into a single view to support real-time decisions. Once the Splunk platform was deployed in the regional datacenter, the company started seeing immediate results. 

“The Splunk platform enabled us to put 11 countries’ IT operations into a single view and monitor them with simple clicks on screen—easy, efficient and in-depth, with everything we need for managing 120 plus applications and fulfilling every single wish of our business users. It gives us true value for our money.”

Jerome Bonnet, CIO—Asia Pacific and Middle East, Edenred Singapore

Proactive infrastructure monitoring takes seconds, not hours

Since the Splunk deployment, data from different applications can now be correlated for complete visibility into Edenred’s distributed infrastructure. This has enabled Edenred to migrate from reactive to proactive monitoring and avoid potential operational bottlenecks. With data from all applications easily correlated and its business operations analyzed automatically in real time, Edenred can keep track of its business processes, raising the bar on operational excellence.

Previously, Edenred’s application teams had to call up the datacenter team to ask for data or log extraction from the servers and analyze figures manually. Database audit trace, for example, was a two to four hour exercise. Now the logs are available on the Splunk platform and users can retrieve the data in seconds in self-service mode. Similarly, business users were previously unable to extract the current day's IIS logs. The IT team had to spend time on log extraction, then merge all data in Excel for performance analysis. The team is now able to see real-time data in a Splunk dashboard and finish the analysis in seconds. This has enabled the datacenter to save one to two working-days each month, and allowed staff to focus on proactive systems development, leading to a more productive environment. 

Improved operational efficiency due to painless system troubleshooting

The Splunk platform has radically facilitated the process of monitoring Edenred’s 120 plus applications. Troubleshooting is now a simple drag-and-drop action on an intuitive graphical interface, which has greatly relieved the burden on the IT team. Teams in the local offices can also troubleshoot more effectively because they no longer have to wait for the datacenter team to complete the request. They can use Splunk Enterprise themselves to retrieve and check DB audit trace, SQL active connection and SQL dead lock, as well as monitoring specific application logs. One of the regional teams even uses Splunk software to check IIS logs for suspicious attackers, identify HTTP errors and do trending.

Enhanced customer experience strengthens overall posture

The proactive, real-time analysis offered by the Splunk platform has enabled Edenred to spot transaction errors and resolve customers’ problems immediately. This has resulted in an optimized customer experience and strengthened Edenred’s leadership in the market, helping differentiate the company from its competitors.