Case Study

Cerved Increases Service Availability Through Holistic View of Operational Data

Executive Summary

For over 30 years, Cerved has been providing credit and business information to over 30,000 clients, including 90 percent of Italian banks and over 80 percent of Italy’s top 1,000 companies. The company needed a solution that could provide it with agile reporting, analytics and visualizations in order to gain insights into infrastructure performance and meet compliance regulations. Since deploying the Splunk platform, Cerved has seen benefits including:

  • Increased service availability
  • More strategic use of data for decision-making across the wider business
  • Reduced ISO27000 compliance burden
    • Fragmented monitoring and analytics tools
    • Lack of visibility into performance and online services
    • Need to meet compliance regulations
Business Impact
    • Increased availability of customer-facing online services
    • More strategic use of data for decision-making across the wider business
    • Reduced ISO27000 compliance burden by monitoring access to various systems 
Data Sources
    • Web logs
    • Application logs

Why Splunk

Cerved has the most comprehensive database of corporate information in Italy, including corporate and financial details, payment history, customer and supplier relationships, and proprietary information sourced through its own network of interviewers. In order to supply packages of business information to its customers, Cerved needs to monitor and process vast amounts of machine-generated data. Before Splunk, Cerved managed its data using several ‘homegrown’ tools that didn’t provide a holistic vision. Cerved realized it had to migrate from this fragmented monitoring and analysis approach to a more integrated process that could monitor business-critical metrics such as how long a customer waits between clicking the ‘buy’ button and receiving the aggregated information. Kiratech, an Italian system and cloud integrator and Splunk partner, assisted Cerved in its Splunk deployment. Cerved now uses Splunk software to index, search and correlate data from all of its IT and operational infrastructure.

"Splunk dashboards give us insight into the health of the systems that support our products and services."

Innovation & Data Sources Manager, Cerved

Monitoring performance for service availability

Splunk software now monitors the performance of web and application logs, including the systems that support Cerved’s customer facing products and services.

This helps ensure the availability of Cerved’s online services. Proactive alerts provide the IT team with a warning whenever infrastructure problems occur, for example if a server crashes or a specific web page is not available. Splunk Enterprise has allowed Cerved to visualize and share real-time performance insights with over 1,200 employees across the enterprise. 

Insights into operational data for compliance

Cerved has also rationalized data access across the business, enabling operational data to be used in a more strategic way. Specifically, Cerved is reducing the burden of compliance requirements with Splunk Enterprise. A team within IT uses a specific Splunk installation to monitor access to various systems in order to comply with the ISO27000 regulation.

Complete holistic view into infrastructure improves service quality

Splunk Enterprise is a key component in ensuring the quality of the services that Cerved offers its customers. The insights from Splunk Enterprise provide a complete view of how Cerved’s infrastructure is performing, resulting in increased service availability and the ability to make more informed decisions across the business.