Case Study

Online Entertainment Service Provider Okko Delivers Operational Intelligence Via Executive Dashboards

Executive Summary

In 2011, Russian Federation company Skartel LLC launched a video-on-demand service as part of its popular “Yota” brand, which also encompasses WiMAX and LTE 4G communication services. Since rebranded as Okko, the online media content provider needed reliable application monitoring and troubleshooting with real-time alerting capabilities in order to maintain a high level of customer service. Since deploying Splunk Enterprise, the company has seen benefits including:

  • Faster resolution of operational issues
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Optimized capacity planning
    • Needed reliable application monitoring and troubleshooting with real-time alerting capabilities
    • Required insight into site performance and uptime
    • Needed to proactively address customer login and registration issues
    • Wanted deeper digital intelligence on user demographics
Business Impact
    • Faster resolution of operational issues with real-time transaction monitoring and alerting
    • End-to-end visibility across applications infrastructure to optimize capacity planning
    • Improved customer satisfaction through faster incident response
    • Gained new intelligence about geographically disbursed customer base to optimize marketing spending
Data Sources
    • Application logs from Web, desktop, TV, iOS and Android clients
    • Application/system logs from 30+ backend servers (Linux and Windows)
    • 20+ applications, including self-developed and open-source (e.g., tomcat, nginx, Apache)
    • Databases (PostgreSQL, LDAP)
    • Business operations data (e.g., signup, sign-in, purchases or balance top-up events)
    • Clients’ statistical data and telemetry

Why Splunk

Okko streams media content over the Internet to Mac and PC computers, iPads, iPhones, “smart” LG and Samsung televisions, Blu-Ray disc players and Internet-connected home theatre systems.  With thousands of popular film and television titles in its online catalogue and hundreds of new releases added on a weekly basis, Okko is entirely ad free. The site is integrated with Facebook, as well as other popular social media sites, enabling users to pick content based on friends’ recommendations.

With a customer base disbursed across the Russian Federation, Okko wanted to gain digital intelligence about its users for marketing optimization and capacity planning purposes. In addition to monitoring key metrics such as site performance and uptime, Okko needed to be able to quickly respond to potential customer issues such as login and registration errors. The company also wanted to dive deeper into uncompleted transactions such as abandoned shopping carts. In light of this critical need for troubleshooting and site monitoring, Okko initially deployed Splunk Enterprise to index and analyze client data generated by more than 30 servers and 20 applications. 

Immediate visibility into customer data

Upon deploying Splunk software, the IT/Ops team used it to dig deeper into its client data in real time and address any exceptions and issues as soon as they would arise. The team then created IT/Ops monitoring dashboards to visualize errors during mobile registrations, as well as login issues and unsuccessful purchasing attempts. After gathering this intelligence, the team set up alerts that allowed them to proactively address common issues in real time. The resulting faster incident response has led to improved customer satisfaction. 

Deep business insights through customized executive dashboards

The IT/Ops team was approached by the executive team, which needed to answer key operational questions about the business, such as which content was most popular, the number of films purchased, site traffic, the most common operating systems used to access the site and more. Although Okko considered leading business intelligence (BI) solutions, including Oracle and open-source programs, the team soon realized how simple it would be to correlate and visualize all this information in Splunk Enterprise and deliver custom dashboards to their executives. With detailed data about logins, registrations and purchases, these high-level dashboards provided Operational Intelligence that delivered an immediate business impact.

Okko has also been using Splunk as a key marketing tool in order to gain insight into the company user base and its demographics. Gathering and analyzing information such as age, gender and geographical distribution has allowed Okko’s marketing team to focus advertising and marketing and increase the value gained from these targeted promotional efforts.

“Splunk dashboards have given us the ability to gain real-time operational insight into the key metrics that drive our business.”

Project Manager, Yota Lab / Skartel LLC

Optimized capacity planning and beyond

Splunk software has enabled Okko to gain Operational Intelligence without having to deploy a costly and time intensive BI solution. As a result of analyzing its machine-generated data in Splunk Enterprise, Okko was able to troubleshoot and minimize user connectivity and registration issues. The online services company is now using Splunk software for site operations, business analytics and marketing purposes. Since the initial deployment, Okko has deepened its use of the Splunk platform, building reports and dashboards to help understand complex customer behaviors to improve the company’s business model, address site scalability issues and proactively address potential customer concerns.