Case Study

Hutchison Global Communications Limited Gains Real-Time Insights Into Website Performance for Optimized Content Delivery

Executive Summary

Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC), a full-fledged international telecommunications operator, is a subsidiary of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited. HGC delivers sophisticated fixed-line telecom solutions to corporate and carrier customers in Hong Kong and overseas. HGC wanted to provide its customers with real-time business insights and better operational visibility. Since deploying Splunk Enterprise, HGC has seen many benefits, including:

  • Real-time insights into website performance
  • Optimized content delivery
  • Improved customer retention
    • Wanted to provide clients with real-time digital intelligence
    • Required full visibility into hosted sites and website performance
    • Wanted to capture granular details for audience segmentation
    • Need for deeper understanding of customers’ online behavior
Business Impact
    • Real-time insights into website performance
    • Reduced time for data extraction, analysis and reporting
    • Increased user engagement and improved customer retention
    • Customer segmentation on-the-fly
    • Optimized content delivery
    • Visibility across complicated infrastructures
Data Sources
    • Clickstream data
    • Data from CRM/ERP systems
    • Sales performance data across the organization

Why Splunk

Since its establishment in 1995, HGC has been fully committed to building its own state-of-the-art network infrastructure. It owns a robust and resilient international network with a widespread footprint in Asia and spans into the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Leveraging its ubiquitous network and extensive portfolio of services, HGC has established a leading position in the local and international fixed network industry. 

Like many organizations, HGC has spent a tremendous amount of money and resources on acquiring customers and retaining customers through marketing campaigns.  HGC’s daunting task of correlating high volume and disparate data sources was causing the company’s web analysts to spend more time in data collection, transformation and extraction and less time in strategic analysis for the business. HGC chose Splunk Enterprise to correlate and monitor live events in real time as they occur across HGC’s online ecosystem. By using the platform to analyze important trends, statistics and metrics, HGC has gained deeper understanding into its customers’ behavior.  

Time for analysis reduced from months to minutes

Prior to the Splunk deployment, HGC had been using an inflexible out-of-the-box digital analytics solution that required data be manually gathered from databases, spreadsheets and CRM/ERP. Consolidation was time-consuming and tedious—under normal circumstances, a month’s time was required to generate reports for analysis.  Since deploying the Splunk platform, HGC has been able to gain immediate visibility and insights into its web properties, avoiding the need for a data warehouse. The cumbersome analysis that used to take a month or more now takes minutes. 

“Upon deploying Splunk Enterprise, HGC was able to gain immediate visibility and insights into its web properties, avoiding the need for a data warehouse. What used to take us a month or more now takes minutes.”

Staff, Hutchison Global Communications

Improved customer retention and enhanced marketing

Splunk software has enabled HGC to analyze data in real time at the user and session level and create customer segments on-the-fly.  Using the Splunk platform to view its hosted sites in total and individually, HGC is able to observe patterns and business opportunities, as well as to gain the ability to capture granular details around specific audience segments for a deeper understanding of customers’ online behaviors. The company now shares insights from these segments with its clientele to provide them with real-time digital intelligence and better visibility into website performance. This has led to increased user engagement and improved customer retention. 

Using Splunk Enterprise, HGC now generates scheduled automated reports, as well as real-time ad hoc reports. The company has gained critical information on the devices and apps used by visitors who browse its websites. HGC is using this information to follow up on leads for direct marketing campaigns, plan promotions and optimize future investments.

Real-time insights into website performance

Splunk Enterprise provides HGC with metrics on website performance, marketing channel effectiveness, user behavior and customer experience on both and These metrics help HGC’s business groups optimize content delivery, drive incremental revenue, improve user engagement and acquire/retain customers. The company is also generating reports to monitor sales performance data across different retail outlets, shops, channels and individual salespeople within the organization.