Use Cases

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Improve machine availability with real-time monitoring and diagnostics

Leverage Splunk for Monitoring and Diagnostics

Perform simple monitoring, alerting and diagnostics across disparate industrial data sources

Unify Your Complex Industrial Data

Combine and correlate IoT, sensor, application, infrastructure and IT data without massive effort

Diagnose Operational Challenges

Go to one place for both industrial and business performance metrics and investigate problems with greater context

Mitigate Information Overload

Focus on prioritizing issues with easy to build KPIs and custom alerts

Why Splunk for Monitoring and Diagnostics?

Splunk provides a clearer picture of your industrial assets in real time to keep you ahead of maintenance challenges and unexpected outages.

Splunk's DB Connect simplifies data ingestion from disparate industrial sources, even historians, to decrease Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR).

Splunk makes it easy to build your own alerts and custom KPIs allowing you to find the needle in the haystack, and focus on critical issues instead of wasting valuable time.

Product Capabilities
Keep a finger on the pulse of your industrial assets
Simplify Your View

Monitor your assets in a visual way and understand the status and health of critical machinery. Enjoy full context awareness with metrics from sensors, custom KPIs and any other data source.

Track What Matters

With Formula Builder, you can easily create and customize your own KPIs and view them in one place. Set notifications and receive alerts that will focus you on critical activities.

Take Action. Fast.

Confirm and take specific actions on higher-priority threats with the help of data from across all your technology stacks.

Seeing is Believing

Shorten investigation cycles with visual analysis, graphical representation of thresholds, alarms, indicators and trends.


Optimize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with real-time operational visibility across IT, OT and IoT sources
Boost Asset Health

Energy and Utilities

Improve operator visibility and drive machine uptime with a consolidated view of your industrial data
Keep the Lights On

Public Sector

Drive fleet efficiency across your operations to improve margins and better serve your customers
Live Smarter

What can you do with Splunk?