Boss of Ops and O11y (BOO) Global Events Update

Imagine this: you’re in Vegas. Specifically, you’re in a Venetian conference room where there’s an open bar. Playing Boss of Operations and Observability (BOO), fka Boss of the NOC (BOTN). Or maybe envision yourself in the comfort of your own home, sipping on a nice whiskey or an ice cold pale ale, playing BOO virtually during .conf20. Or maybe there’s no booze, and you’re playing BOO at work with your account team. Sound familiar? Regardless of where you have or have not played this competition, we're once again bringing it to you virtually — fully rebranded as BOO, but still the same competition with a global audience. We’re hosting a series of BOO events, giving you a chance to play outside of .conf, with a smaller group of peers but the same amount of competitiveness. 

Need a refresher on the rebrand from BOTN to BOO? Check out our blog post "BOO! Surprise Update to the Boss of the NOC Program!"

Have questions? We’ve got you covered!

What is BOSS of Ops and Observability (BOO)?

BOO is a gamified, capture-the-flag-esque (CTF) activity where participants leverage the Splunk Observability Cloud — and other resources — to answer a variety of questions about the different types of real-world IT incidents that analysts and engineers face everyday. The Splunk IT Strategists created this event to simulate a day-in-the-life of IT Operations and Observability and to showcase how Splunk is used to investigate, analyze and monitor real environments.

In BOO, we work hard to create episodes and questions that allow gamers to get hands-on experience in a preconfigured environment. This is truly a learn-by-doing experience.

Who Should Play?

Both new and current customers who are interested in understanding Splunk core for IT, Splunk for Infrastructure Monitoring and Troubleshooting, Splunk for Service Intelligence and Event Analytics, Splunk for APM and more can play and learn. Understand how Splunk can help with Operations and Observability use cases — there’s truly something for everyone, with use cases covering cloud monitoring, host infrastructure monitoring, predictive analytics, SAP service intelligence, and many more.

How Are We Playing Virtually?

Participants will compete from their safe, secure, and socially distanced locations, but you won't be isolated during this virtual BOO event — far from it! Just like all BOO events, you are encouraged to compete in teams of up to four, and we have a brand new enhanced virtual experience. BOO will be hosted by Splunk IT Operations and Observability Strategists using several platforms to make sure we all stay connected. 

Register for the event at and tune in to Splunk Twitch at the start of the event for more instructions!

Ready to Register?

Go to the BOO registration page. You will be redirected to and you can use your existing Splunk credentials to log in. Once you’re in, you will see available BOO events to register on the homepage. Select the event and enter! Be sure to check back regularly and look for email announcements for upcoming events. 

Within the BOO event, you will be directed to join a team, even if you are a single player and team of one. We highly encourage creating a team of up to four with your peers! 

Ever Heard of Easter Eggs?

Check out this oldie-but-a-goodie blog, "Boss of the NOC at .conf20," for a hint. Got more questions? Reach out to your account team. We hope to (virtually) see you there!

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