Splunk named market Leader in GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability

Splunk named market Leader in GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability Learn More

The 5 Foundational DevOps Practices


Accelerate Your Cloud-Native Journey

Cloud Monitoring

One Solution for Visibility Across Your Entire Stack

The complexity of hybrid and multicloud environments leads to tool sprawl, siloes, and greater volumes, varieties, and velocities of data to manage. Monitor your entire IT landscape out-of-the-box in real-time for faster investigation and troubleshooting.
Incident Response

Make On-Call Suck Less

Downtime means loss of customers and dollars for the business. Connect your experts with the right information to simplify and expedite incident response.
Cloud Migration

Lifting-and-Shifting Has Never Been Easier

No matter where you are on the cloud-native journey — seamlessly run in the cloud with minimized downtime and disruption to your business.
CI/CD Pipeline Monitoring

Visibility into Every Stage of the CI/CD Lifecycle

Applications are constantly evolving, driven by the need to benefit from public clouds. Gain visibility into every stage of the CI/CD lifecycle, modernize your cloud infrastructure and ensure a world-class end-user experience.
Server and Virtualization Monitoring

Monitor, Troubleshoot and Analyze the Health of Servers and VMs

Quickly find and fix underlying issues in servers and VMs. Create a single, streamlined, fast time-to-value monitoring experience to ensure uptime of all your systems.
Application Performance Monitoring

Ensure No Anomaly Goes Undetected — Leave No Trace Behind

Discovering, understanding and resolving issues in large-scale microservices environments before they impact users is imperative to business success. Full-fidelity monitoring, exploration and troubleshooting of complex microservices environments enables teams to achieve faster innovation and better customer experiences..
Kubernetes Monitoring

Managing the Performance of Container and Kubernetes Environments Has Never Been This Easy

Kubernetes is the de facto standard for container orchestration. It gives teams the agility they need to refactor and develop apps, but the abstractions and churn that it brings make it hard to see what is going on across clusters. Get deep visibility into Kubernetes clusters and use AI-driven analytics to quickly identify and resolve issues in real time with Kubernetes Navigator.
Serverless Monitoring

Optimize the Performance and Cost of Serverless Applications

Visualize, monitor and troubleshoot serverless application performance in real time. With Splunk, accurately alert in seconds so you can detect and fix issues before they impact users. Additionally, capture custom metrics to track and correlate serverless performance data with business KPIs.
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