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Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Full visibility into end-user experience

Identify and eliminate customer-facing issues across your entire architecture faster.

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The most comprehensive view of browser performance available

fix problems fix problems

Infinite Cardinality

Infinite cardinality and unsampled data helps you isolate and correlate issues faster across complex distributed systems.

Isolate Latency

Isolate issues, like latency, faster with visibility across your entire stack — from web browsers to backend services and third-party dependencies, including OpenTelemetry standardized data.

scale without barriers scale without barriers
ai driven analytics ai driven analytics

AI-Driven Troubleshooting

Reduce MTTR by quickly measuring how latency from backend services or third-party dependencies impact user-experience in an easy-to-use UI. Splunk® RUM seamlessly connects high-level user experience to a granular view of traces and logs for quicker troubleshooting.

Improve Core Web Vitals

Deliver better user experience with Core Web Vitals, long tasks, frontend and backend errors, and full-session capture of the entire user journey to quantify the impact of new deployments on end users.

scale with confidence scale with confidence


Full fidelity visibility across complete user journeys

Pinpoint user-facing issues everywhere in your stack, from web browsers to backend services.

end to end visibility end to end visibility

End-to-End Visibility

Full-fidelity, OpenTelemetry standardized data, stitched together from web browsers through backend services, helps reduce MTTR by identifying and isolating issues faster across every transaction, resource and dependency.

eliminate customer facing issues eliminate customer facing issues

Eliminate Customer-Facing Issues

Easily find and fix errors, latency and anomalies from every page, resource, dynamic component and third-party dependency, for both traditional server-side rendered multi-page apps and modern client-side rendered single page apps.

high cardinality high cardinality

High Cardinality

Pinpoint issues faster with Splunk’s infinite cardinality to help you quickly correlate issues and find root cause faster across your complex distributed systems and dependencies.

ux measurements ux measurements

User-Experience Measurements

Find and fix impactful JavaScript errors and easily understand which pages to improve first with core web vitals that measure and improve your page load experience, interactivity and visual stability.  

agnostic instrumentation agnostic instrumentation

Framework Agnostic

Splunk RUM is framework agnostic and offers easy OpenTelemetry-based instrumentation to quickly configure and start measuring page experience for traditional server-side rendered multi-page apps and modern client-side rendered single page apps.

complete user-activity capture complete user-activity capture

Complete User-Activity Capture

User activity is tracked by sessions and individual browser-provider interactions as opposed to page loads, helping easily measure performance for modern single page apps that rely on tens of XHR calls between the browser and various resources.

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CUSTOMER STORY Refactors Monoliths Into Microservices With Splunk Observability

We can now correlate backend traces from APM with frontend traces from RUM. That’s a huge value because that’s been our missing link.

Sean Schade Principal Architect,


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Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Get the integrations you need plus pro tips on monitoring and alerting for your evolving IT infrastructure.

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Deliver better end-user experience with best in class Real User Monitoring.


Isolate Issues and Improve User Experience Across Your Full Stack

Learn how to easily identify issues across complete web transactions, from the end-user experience on web browsers through backend services.

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Splunk offers a single platform for all your observability needs

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Application Performance Monitoring

Faster and simpler troubleshooting of any issue with your applications.

Splunk APM
Log Observer Log Observer

Log Observer

Log analysis across your cloud-native application and cloud environments.

Splunk Log Observer
Infrastructure Monitoring Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

The only real-time, analytics-driven multicloud monitoring solution for all environments.

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring
Synthetic Monitoring Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic Monitoring

Go beyond basic uptime and performance monitoring for better digital experiences.

Splunk Synthetic Monitoring
Automated On-Call Automated On-Call

Automated On-Call

Empower teams by routing alerts to the right people for fast collaboration and issue resolution.

Splunk On-Call

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