Splunk Cloud™

Upgrade to the most flexible, secure and cost-effective data platform service

Turn data into answers with Splunk deployed and managed securely, reliably and scalably as a service

Product Capabilities

Tap into the value of your machine data in days with fewer resources

We'll Do the Heavy Lifting

No infrastructure, no problem — Splunk technology and expert knowledge can help. And with our best-in-class encryption, your data is secure with us or whenever you transfer it to your own storage environment. 

                 Scale Your Cloud

AI and Machine Learning For Prediction and Self-Healing

Leverage the strength of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve IT, security and business outcomes. Don't react, predict and prevent. Integrated tools and commands backed by open source algorithms make these future-leaning capabilities possible.

                 Go Beyond the Buzz with AI and ML                  Explore Machine Learning

Alerts You Can Count On

Investigate your expansive data universe and build custom alerts that don't waste your time. Avoid alert storms with features like smart algorithms to automation.

                 Automate the Enterprise
                 Splunk Cloud Features
Financial Services

Monitor accounts and deliver the best customer experience
Bank on It

Public Sector

Create operational excellence that would impress any constituency
Vote for It


Automate compliance auditing and strengthen health IT operations
Health Check It