Application Analytics

Better Visibility and Monitoring Across the Application Lifecycle

Competitive advantage and customer experience are driven by the development speed and quality of your applications. The Splunk® platform provides real-time insights across the application development lifecycle to help you get ahead and stay ahead.

5 Foundational Practices of DevOps

Splunk® Enterprise

Insights Across All Application Phases

Whether you're looking to monitor your applications, gain valuable business insights, or release new applications faster, Splunk Enterprise can help. Our software can improve all aspects of the application lifecycle and provide the necessary visibility across silos for optimal application performance and customer experience.

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Financial Services

Your IT environment is complex and your customers are demanding. Give them what they want.
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Your IT systems enable the HIE platform. Analyze them to see what’s going on.
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Public Sector

Your citizens and government employees expect better services.
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Application Analytics and Monitoring Integrations

Splunk solutions do more than monitor and correlate data across your infrastructure and applications, they leverage your existing app analytics and APM tools as well. Learn more about these integrations on Splunkbase.