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Splunk Light is a comprehensive solution for small IT environments that automates log search and analysis. When you download Splunk Light for free, you get a Splunk Light license for 30 days that lets you index up to 5 gigabytes of data per day.

When the free trial ends, you can convert to a perpetual Free license or purchase a Light license to continue using the expanded functionality designed for small IT environments.

Looking for enterprise-grade functionality and scale? Download Splunk Enterprise.

Note: Existing Splunk Enterprise users should install Splunk Light on a separate machine.

  • Single, integrated product for real-time log collection, indexing, search, alerting and reporting that delivers fast time to value
  • Designed for small IT environments with easy set up and online purchase
  • Easy to get started with a free download, rapid data onboarding and an intuitive user interface
  • Free up to 500MB per day and attractively priced as your data volume grows
  • Scales to larger data volumes, distributed environments and full operational intelligence through a simple upgrade to Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Light

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