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Real User Monitoring (RUM)

The fastest troubleshooting and most comprehensive view of web browser performance around.

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Quickly and intuitively find logs that give developers insights

end-to-end visibility end-to-end visibility

End-to-End Visibility

Visually explore logs and filter for the results that matter most.

finds-problems-faster finds-problems-faster

Pinpoint issues faster

Logs are shaped to provide context that enables robust, fast and easy exploration and workflows.

improve-user-experience improve-user-experience

Improve user-experience

Add service context to enable seamless transition between log monitoring, infrastructure monitoring and APM.

Product Capabilities

Deliver great user-experience by eliminating latency across your entire stack

Troubleshoot customer-facing issues faster

Find and fix errors, latency and anomalies from every page, resource, dynamic component and third-party dependency in traditional, server-side rendered multi-page apps and modern, client-side rendered single-page apps alike.

rum-troubleshoot-customer-facing-issues rum-troubleshoot-customer-facing-issues

Eliminate latency across your entire stack

Reduce MTTR by identifying and isolating issues faster across every transaction, resource and dependency through full-fidelity ingest, OpenTelemetry standardization and unsampled data stitched together from web browsers through backend services.

rum-eliminate-latency rum-eliminate-latency

Benchmark and improve user experience

Google’s core web vitals help measure and improve your page load experience, interactivity and visual stability. Find and fix impactful JavaScript errors, and easily understand which pages to improve first.

rum-product-improve-user-experience rum-product-improve-user-experience
Measure every component and user activity

User activity is tracked by sessions and individual browser-resource interactions, as opposed to page loads. Easily measure performance for modern single-page apps that rely on XHR calls between the browser and various resources.

rum-eliminate-latency rum-eliminate-latency

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