Splunk Developer Spring 2021 Update

The cold season is hopefully coming to an end, and Spring is here! And just like the changes in the seasons, we have a new SDK release, updated developer docs, and other signs of new growth! It’s a great time to update your apps using the latest SDKs for the latest Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise releases. Plant your session proposal in the .conf21 Call For Speakers! It's also time to prune away some older jQuery and Python versions support. Read on for the latest news.

Python SDK v1.6.15 Release — Update Now!

This update fixes an issue with custom search commands using the Search Command Protocol v2 (chunked=true) via the Splunk SDK for Python where the command should be sending one chunk response for every chunk received, but extra flushing in the case of large chunks was producing multiple responses per request. This addresses issues Python SDK users were seeing with large (>50,000 rows) chunks which resulted in "ChunkedExternProcessor - Failure writing result chunk, buffer full." errors. Get the updates in PyPy or GitHub.

Updates for App Setup Pages and Reloading Custom Configurations

Many apps have a need to be set up on first launch. A setup page is a page in your app that displays the first time your users launch the app. The developer docs describing how to create a setup page are updated and available here! When an app update is installed by a user, it will need to reload any custom configuration files from the prior version. Plus there may be additional back end or user-supplied configuration information needed. Read the updated docs on reloading custom configurations after app updates here. And if you didn’t attend .conf20, or missed the session, go and watch "DEV1262C - Extend the Splunk Platform with Custom Search Commands and Setup Pages."

Releasing and Maintaining Apps in Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise

Whether you are building public or private apps for Splunk® Cloud and Splunk® Enterprise, you’ll want to understand the release and maintenance processes. We have updated the documentation to Release and Maintain Apps in Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise, describing the steps with helpful flowcharts. If you are building private apps for use only at your company, and not for sharing on Splunkbase, then you’ll also want to understand how to Deploy and Manage Apps in Splunk Cloud.

Sitewide Search on

You may have noticed a recent update to the developer portal with site-wide search available when you want to search just the developer docs, and not everything on Just use the search tool at the upper right side of the main navigation bar to find your search term across the developer docs.

.conf21 Call for Speakers Is Here!

Got an idea for a great session you’d like to present at the Splunk .conf21 user conference in October? The Call for Speakers is open so submit your great session proposal now to be considered to present. You've got only until May 6th to get it in!

Migrating to jQuery v3.5.0 or Newer

Splunk will be deprecating use of older versions of jQuery and migrating to use of v 3.5.0 or newer soon. Certain Splunk apps have historically required jQuery libraries to function. Many of those apps are written using jQuery 2.x and older, bundled with Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud. We’re moving to support only jQuery 3.5+ as jQuery 1 and jQuery 2 will be end-of-life soon. Get the details in our blog “Make Your App More Secure By Updating to jQuery® Version 3.5 or Newer.

Python2 Going Away This Year

Future releases of Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise will include only the Python 3 runtime. Have you updated your public and private apps? Read the “Migrating your Splunkbase App and Users to Python 3” blog for more information and the Python 3 migration documentation.

Support for SplunkEnterprise 7.2, 7.3 Ending Soon. Update Your Apps to Splunk 8 Now!

Keep up to date with the latest supported versions of Splunk products on the Splunk Support Policy page. Here you’ll find the dates when releases of Splunk products are no longer supported. End of support for Splunk Enterprise 7.2 is extended to April 30, 2021 and end of support for Splunk Enterprise 7.3 is scheduled for June 4, 2021 (unless otherwise updated on the Support Policy page).

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