Splunk® Enterprise

The fastest way to aggregate, analyze and get answers from your machine data.

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Turn machine data into answers for real-time insights to boost business results

Real-Time Visibility

Automate the collection, indexing and alerting of real-time machine data that is critical to your organization’s operations

Product Capabilities

Harness the untapped value of your machine data to remain competitive with reduced downtime and better customer experience

Accelerate Query Speeds With Metrics

Take advantage of metrics—numerical and time series data—to boost performance. Easily convert event log data into metrics and dramatically enhance functionality for monitoring and alerting.

                 Use the Power of Metrics

Access Data Regardless of Location

Ingest real-time streaming data from open source and proprietary solutions, including Apache Kafka and AWS Firehouse Kineses. Additionally, never lose access or control of your critical business data regardless of scale or location—even at the container level (e.g. Docker and Kubernetes).

                 Observe All Your Data

Experience Integrated Machine Learning Analytics

Leverage the strength of our AI powered by machine learning to predict future IT, security and business outcomes. Integrated tools and commands, backed by open source algorithms, enable the collection, cleaning, visualizing and publishing of data insights.

                 Go Beyond the Buzz With AI
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Monitor accounts and deliver the best customer experience
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Create operational excellence that would impress any constituency
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Automate compliance auditing and strengthen health IT operations
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