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Security 7 Min Read

Beyond Logs: Navigating Entity Behavior in Splunk Platform

Master internal threat detection with Splunk's anomaly detection, finding events like unusual geolocations and spikes in activity, while optimizing security.
Industries 5 Min Read

Using Amazon SageMaker to Predict Risk Scores from Splunk

Splunker Nimish Doshi covers using Amazon SageMaker and Splunk to further develop a fraud detection use case to predict future risk scores.
Tips & Tricks 3 Min Read

Dashboard Studio: How to Configure Show/Hide and Token Eval in Dashboard Studio

Learn how to eval tokens and configure conditional show/hide in Dashboard Studio with examples.
Platform 4 Min Read

Enhancements To Ingest Actions Improve Usability and Expand Searchability Wherever Your Data Lives

Along with the respective Splunk Enterprise version 9.1.0 and Splunk Cloud Version 9.0.2305 releases, Ingest Actions has launched a new set of features and capabilities that improve its usability and expand on configurability of data routed by Ingest Actions to S3.
Tips & Tricks 4 Min Read

Dashboard Studio: Drilldown to New Features in Splunk Cloud Platform 9.0.2305

Learn about the latest Dashboard Studio features such as Link to reports and search, workflow actions for events viewer, expandable code editor, trellis for single values, and a new conversion report.
.conf & .conf Go 2 Min Read

Splunk Expands Its Data Management Capabilities to Physical, OT Environments With the Launch of Splunk Edge Hub

Splunk is pleased to announce its latest innovation in data access and processing – Splunk Edge Hub, in partnership with Edge Hub Central.
.conf & .conf Go 3 Min Read

Detect, Investigate and Respond Faster with Latest Innovations in Splunk Enterprise 9.1 and Splunk Cloud Platform

Splunk extends the capabilities of its unified security and observability platform with the announcement of the General Availability of Splunk Enterprise 9.1, and the latest release of Splunk Cloud Platform.
.conf & .conf Go 2 Min Read

Bringing More Flexibility, Choice and Value to Customers in the Cloud

Announcing Splunk’s new strategic partnership with Microsoft to build Splunk’s cloud solutions natively on Microsoft Azure.
Platform 3 Min Read

Workload Pricing and SVCs: What You Can See and Control

We’ll explore how to monitor and manage your SVCs, and share tips for enhancing SVC usage.