Analytics-Driven Security

Splunk helps security teams navigate unchartered waters and quickly identify, investigate, respond and adapt to threats in dynamic, digital business environments.

Stay Ahead of the Cybersecurity Game

Security requires protecting what you already have and anticipating the unknown. With a rapidly changing security landscape every business needs a security posture and platform that can:
Safeguard your customer and personal information
Protect your innovations and IP
Event Analytics: Combine event data with advanced analytics to reduce event clutter, false positives and extensive rules maintenance

Security Nerve Center

Splunk brings multiple IT areas together to enable collaboration and implement best practices for interacting with data and invoking actions to address modern cyber threat challenges. With Splunk as a nerve center, teams can optimize people, process and technology. Security teams can leverage statistical, visual, behavioral and exploratory analytics to drive insights, decisions and actions.
All data from the security technology stack can be utilized to detect, understand and take rapid, coordinated action in a manual, semi-automated or automated fashion across the entire organization.

Build a Strong Security Posture

When critical networks are under assault, every second counts. Splunk security solutions give an edge to security teams by improving attack and breach detection and incident response.
—Haiyan Song, senior vice president of Security  Markets, Splunk
Adaptive and Resilient
Threats happen—having the right solutions and being prepared ensures business continues as usual. Organizations can be dynamic and stay ahead of issues by detecting threats, quickly identifying attacks and malicious activities to execute responses. Access to all data and data sources provides the most context to quickly implement actions to recover and stop threats.
Analytics and Intuition
Data is only part of the story. Analytics, context and human knowledge can be combined to gain end-to-end insights. These insights can be quickly refined by pivoting and drilling down across all data to find relationships, outliers and significance. The results can then be operationalized and shared internally or externally to optimize security and IT environments.
End-to-End Insight
Defense-in-depth, collaboration, multi-layer security architectures, as well as new and advanced security technologies are critical to enabling a rapid response to the latest threats and attack techniques. An extensive and deep eco-system of partnerships ensures all aspects within and across technology areas are covered and the insight is maximized.

Security Analytics Platform

We combine machine learning, anomaly detection and criteria-based correlation within a single security analytics solution. Splunk Enterprise Security lets you visually correlate events over time and communicate details of multi-stage attacks. While Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) uses machine learning to help spot the most dangerous offenders - advanced attackers including malicious insiders. Splunk security solutions can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud deployment.

Splunk provides customers with:

Flexibility to employ a new technology tomorrow and take advantage of the investments that they've already made 

A platform that can grow with them and handle increasing volumes of data and expanded use cases

Technology not only categorized as security to bring in other data sources for a more complete picture



SAIC built an analytics-enabled security operations center (SOC) in less than six months with Splunk. SAIC now addresses security issues in hours, instead of days and is using Splunk software to monitor its overall security footprint.

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LA Department of Water & Power

“By deploying the Splunk SIEM solution, we enhance our detection and response capabilities to protect the City’s critical assets from all manner of cyberthreats and intrusions.” —Timothy Lee, City of Los Angeles

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Integra’s security operations center (SOC) is using Splunk Enterprise Security to detect, prevent and respond to attacks and to provide customers with 24/7 security analysis for the Integra network and services.

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Splunk Security Solutions
Splunk security solutions provide valuable context and visual insights to help you make faster and smarter security decisions. Learn how Splunk enables analytics-driven security.
Security Apps and Add-Ons
There are over 400 security specific applications and add-ons built by Splunk, its partners or community for specific vendor products and use cases that provide a wide range of functions.
Adaptive Response Initiative
Splunk developed the Adaptive Response Initiative to connect with a community of best-of-breed security vendors to improve cyber defense strategies and security operations.

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