Insights Across All Container Environments

Containers add speed and flexibility but they also introduce added complexity related to logging, monitoring, visibility, orchestration and security. Splunk helps companies unify insights across container environments and the entire technology stack with a single solution. This enables developers to focus on what’s most important—the application itself.

  • Monitor and analyze container data and enable IT operations analytics
  • Find and fix container related problems faster
  • Quickly address complex questions on container performance
  • Determine whether the container, or the application that is running the container is at fault for performance errors

Why Splunk for Container Monitoring?

Collect, search and correlate container data with other infrastructure data for better service context, root cause monitoring and reporting.

Connect Insights From Containers With Critical IT Services

Leverage the speed of container management software to quickly deploy monitoring software, and flexibly incorporate container performance as a KPI.

Deliver Next-Generation Experience to End-Users

Gain insights on apps running in containers as well as the container environment.

Unify Insights Across the Entire Technology Stack

Build dashboards, alerts and perform search to better understand your data.

Container Monitoring and Analytics

Maintain a high level of service reliability to ensure containers are available so that issues can be fixed quickly with minimal effort to deliver the best application experience.

Seamless and Easy Technology Integrations

Efficiently integrate in Docker Environments and key container information in key PaaS/Cloud platforms.

Splunk Everywhere! OS Monitoring In the Cloud

When running applications and services in the cloud, Splunk offers visibility across providers, operating systems and deployment types for a holistic view of your environment.

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