Visibility Across the Entire Stack

Splunk helps companies deliver a better customer experience with application management solutions that monitor and measure the key areas that impact Customer Experience (CX): uptime, response times, and MTTR. Unlike traditional vendors, Splunk provides visibility across the entire stack, which enables customers to:

  • Reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) from a few days to a few minutes
  • Proactively alert and notify for rapid problem detection and resolution
  • Index any form of machine data and systemically analyze application and system performance
  • Gain insights on end-user transactions from multiple points of view
  • Empower stakeholders to gain insights and make better business and technology decisions

Why Splunk for Application Management?

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Maximize the Availability of Critical Services

Reduce downtime, missed opportunities, and lost revenue. Quickly pinpoint errors to find and fix problems faster.
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Monitor Application Transactions and Usage Trends

Improve application response time for seamless application performance and provide end users a better customer experience.
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Full-Stack Visibility

Collect, index, and correlate infrastructure and application data to pinpoint problems. Gain a holistic picture of your environment and correlate with business data for deeper insight.
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Application Intelligence Analytics

Accelerate application cycles and improve quality by providing developers insights into production data.

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