Cyber Aware. Mission Secure.

Empower Risk Management. Improve Security Outcomes.

Government is collecting more security data than ever before, but struggling to manage it.

According to MeriTalk research:

  • The average cyber threat exists on networks 16 days before teams identify it
  • 68% of cyber pros say their organization is overwhelmed by the volume of security data
  • 76% believe their security team is often reactive instead of proactive

Yesterday's compliance approach to security is no longer cutting it. A new approach is required. Splunk's security platform for big data is ideal for detecting patterns of fraud and discovering malicious behavior and attacks not seen by signature and rule-based systems.

Go Big Security

Register to download your complimentary copy of Go Big Security by MeriTalk research and learn how government organizations rely on Splunk technology to:

Detect a breach that is currently happening.

Detect that a breach has already occurred.

Monitor streams of data in real time.

Run vulnerability scans.

Conduct conclusive root-cause investigations following a breach.

Improve the number of cyber incidents they are able to detect.